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Well I like to be spontaneous and very exciting. I love air hockey, fussball, boardgames, video games, sports. I love to swim competitively and recreational. I also like to dance, sing, and take pictures. I am very shy at first but if I am comfortable around you I will come out of my shell.
HighSchool: Havre High School
Music: so many to choose from, my top favorites are paramore, micheal jackson, spicegirls, n*sync, leona lewis, david cook, nickelback, justin timberlake, kean, sergio mendes, whitney houston, timbaland, ne-yo, rihanna, fink, mr. big, and tracy chapman.
TV: I like whatevr is on...
Books: Love books, dreamland, dead poet's society, thr perks of being a wallflower, bound, rx, crank, impulse, burned, glass, go ask alice, this lullaby, the truth about forever, just listen, cheat the moon, and many others.
Sports: Swimming, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, dodgeball, and bunch of others, I am very sporty.
Interests: dancing, music, singing, reading a good book, drawing, painting, playing games, and whatever else I feel like doing.
Movies: I like smoke signals, domino, i robot, i am legend, interview with a vampier, twilight, madagascar 2, wanted, dark knight, ironman, baby mamma, it's a boy girl thing, and many others.
BestFeatures: I don't know?!?
Dreams: To go back to school soon and become a physical education teacher and a swim coach.

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