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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    Other Asian
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    Some College
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Hey and thank you for taking time to look at my profile! Well here we go, I will be totally truthful with you and then it is your decision if you wish to write to me? I have nothing to lose and maybe a little to gain? I am very dubious about these dating sites! You spend thousands on them only to getting nothing in return or a fake person who has been photo shop, and is not who they say they are. I had a very tough upbringing, I grew up in care for 20 years and it was a horrible experience!!! I am such a soft natured person, unfortunately this gets used against me and abused! I was only ever told I should date my own race. Sadly my own type of people are not the easiest or kindest of people towards each other! I find it very hard to trust people! I have been married three times, sadly that is true. It seems that all the good men always get left After the new year in 2019, as we still have ties with this property we’re in, I am looking for a new property to live in. I say all of this so you know I am not playing or telling any lies to you who is reading this letter. I have had girls to only want to marry me so they can get there stay in the UK. If you get past this first part of the letter. Then let me tell you something beautiful! It would be lovely to have a conversation with you that way you can get to know me a little bit better. But to give you an idea of me, well here we go. I would say I am definitely not your average guy by any means! I love to love! And if I do have the right person; I will love her with everything I have! With all my heart! I’m sensitive, attentive and very sincere, incredibly romantic and love to hold your hand! I am too old to play around with my emotions and of course yours too! I’m very old fashioned and as a Christian I believe solely in marriage! If you struggle to breath? I will breath for you! If you cannot walk? I will carry you! If you think of me? I will be there! And finally, I love to laugh and have fun, lots of fun! I love practical jokes as well. My heart would belong to you, you would only see love in my eyes for you. I never get angry in such a way that it would frighten you! My biggest weakness is that I internalise my hurt and pain! This is me, my heart would be in your possession! If it hurts? It’s because you hurt me! Cherish it, like how I’d love to cherish you’re heart! Some years ago I produced to CD on the subject of love from a godly point of view. It had amazing reviews! I only wish I could lavish what I know about love on somebody that I can be in love with. I am in the health profession, and I love caring for people! I worked for the Red Cross as a qualified therapeutic massage and counsellor. So if you ever feel a little stressed? You will be better with my love and attention! You will probably hurt me before I ever hurt you! I just like to be called Mica. I look after myself very well as I think healthy is very important and keep you looking well. I like weighttraining, kettle bells, hate football! If you enjoy shopping? I’ll be your perfect partner! Like walking. I love to travel, but I will not relocate from the UK to another country to live, and I’m not here to get you into the UK!!! If I haven’t frightened you away from me? Love to hear from you my dearest love.

What I am looking for

Someone so lovely and loving! Kind and sincere, I don’t mind if you’re clingy! Someone to hold my hand as I you. Must be romantic!