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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Social Services
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Every woman here tries to show to the best advantage of herself, but perfect people don't exist, I'm not perfect either. I consider that the inside beauty is much more valuable than the outside one. Like a lot of women,I'm looking for a real man, I dream of creating the family and living in the harmony with my future husband, supporting each other in joy and sorrow. I'm very romantic, sensuous lady and I've got a kind heart. I believe in the positive outlook on the life, I lead a healthy lifestyle, doing sport and eating healthily. I'm a very curious person, one of my passions is travels,

What I am looking for

I believe that every person has got a partner with whom they will be happy. And it's simply the question of time. I hope to meet a person who is interested in this world, different countries, people, who is always opened for new things. It's unimportant what you are, but it's important that you really find the enjoyment in it. If you are reliable and wise, I can let myself to be feminine, soft with you. And at the same time I'd like you to be romantic and a little egocentric. So that I'm able to fight with pillows with you or run bare feet across puddles. It's important for me to feel myself comfortably, even when we sit next to each other and when we simply keep silent. I'm looking for a man with strong family values and with the respect to the woman and with the optimistic outlook on the life. If I find such a man, I'll be the happiest woman in this world!