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    5 ft. 5 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    High School
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I lived in California for fifty-nine years and haven't kept a house for the last seven. I have a daughter and family in Newfoundland, and a daughter and family in Los Angeles. Most of the time I spend one month in Newfoundland, one month in Los Angeles and a month in the places I've never seen before or the places I love the most. The rest of the time I’m on larger adventures. In September I’ll be driving my ORV from Los Angeles up to and through the Yukon to the Arctic Ocean. I’m super-excited about that one. I treasure my solitude and my lifestyle for the sheer joy of having a direct experience of my surroundings in the moment. Yet I also see that I have a space open in my heart to share my experiences with if I found a person who likes to move about the world the way I do, and who feels good in my heart-space as I do in hers.

What I am looking for

I don’t have a preconceived notion or prejudice against how a person looks or what categories they fall into in a traveling or life partner. I can tell a lot about what will work between us by the sound of their voice, and most of all by how it feels being together in the silences.

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